Types Of Single Mattresses 

single mattress in a rustic apartment

Which Single Mattress is Best For Your Home?

When buying a single mattress, besides the dimensions, you also need to look at the type of mattress. Although this is the smallest mattress that children and adults can use, you still get to choose the type that will be most comfortable. 


The main types of single mattresses are;


  1. Standard innerspring
  2. Pocketed coil innerspring
  3. Memory foam
  4. Latex
  5. Hybrids


These mattresses offer different comfort levels and durability. They also have different price tags, so you need to consider your budget when choosing a small single mattress. 


Standard Innerspring Mattress


The standard innerspring is the traditional mattress with metal coil springs connected from one end to another. These coils give mattresses a bouncy feel. Unfortunately, once the mattress wears out, it starts having a squeaky sound. 


This mattress is the cheapest, hence the popularity, especially if one expects to use it for a few years before buying a larger mattress. It also comes with different firmness, so you can decide what works for you. 


Unfortunately, innerspring mattresses do not offer much support or pressure relief. It also doesn’t help with weight distribution. If you lie on this mattress with your child, hoping to leave once he falls asleep, you may have difficulty leaving since your child will feel you move, especially if he is a light sleeper. 


When shopping for a single mattress, you are unlikely to get it at a speciality store. Since this technology is considered outdated, most standard innerspring mattresses are brandless.


Pocketed Coil innerspring Mattress


The pocketed coil mattress is an improvement of the standard innerspring mattress. Most speciality single mattresses have adopted pocket coil innerspring mattresses. 


Although this mattress has a bouncy feel, similar to the standard innerspring, the difference is how the coils are set up. The coils are put in groups inside a fabric, like a pocket. This helps minimize movement.


This mattress is more expensive than the standard innerspring mattress but more comfortable. 


Memory Foam Mattresses

The Memory foam single mattress is one of the top range mattresses because it provides comfort and support. It also provides pressure relief and evenly distributes weight. Unfortunately, while it is mould and mildew resistant, it contains allergens that might trigger some people’s allergic reactions.


Memory foam also sleeps hot, so it can be a little uncomfortable since nights in Singapore tend to be hot and humid. Fortunately, you can control this effect by using cotton sheets. The price of memory foam single mattresses is higher than that of pocket and standard innerspring mattresses. 




Latex is naturally derived from the sap of rubber trees. It is an eco-friendly alternative to a memory foam mattress. Since latex is expensive to obtain, most of the mattress brands in Singapore are not 100% latex. Some are a mix of natural latex and a synthetic base.


Latex provides body-contouring comfort, is firm, sleeps cool, and provides adequate support. It is also hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, it is too firm to provide pressure relief. If you are looking for a softer mattress that provides adequate support, memory foam is the right choice. However, if a stiffer mattress is ideal, a latex mattress is the best option. 


Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of any of the above four mattresses. They are customised to allow you to benefit from the advantages of the various types of mattresses. 


Some of the hybrids include latex-innerspring and memory foam – innerspring. You will benefit from body contouring from the latex and memory foam, while the innerspring will give the mattress a bouncy feel.


These are the main types of single mattresses you will find in Singapore. Your budget and preference will influence your decision. However, you also need to consider durability. If you expect to upgrade the mattress to a larger one soon, mattress durability should not be an issue.