Do Mattress Brands Matter? What You Need To Know

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The Importance of Buying A Good Mattress Brand

Human beings are creatures of habit, especially regarding the brands they prefer. Mattresses are not any different. Some people buy the same brand whenever they need a new single mattress. Non-branded mattresses are often seen as inferior, while some brands are seen to be superior to others. 


Brands matter to a certain degree, especially when it comes to mattresses. Some brands have found the perfect balance between the quality, price, and types of mattresses. However, this does not mean other brands or brandless mattresses are not equally good. Price doesn’t mean better quality. 


While price matters when buying a single mattress, you need to look beyond it. If you are used to buying a particular brand, it is okay. However, many other brands offer the same mattress at a lower price. Brandless mattresses can also be equally good.


Should You Buy A Branded Single Mattress?


The single mattress is sometimes seen as a temporary mattress that a child will outgrow. Teenagers and adults also tend to upgrade to larger mattresses. So, should you invest in a branded single mattress that you are likely to replace, or should you go for a cheaper, unbranded single mattress?


There is no harm in buying a branded single mattress. How long you intend to use the mattress should influence your decision. You can opt for a cheaper, brandless single mattress if you plan to use it for a short period. A branded mattress may be more durable, but sometimes it costs more. 


The decision to buy a branded or unbranded single mattress is personal. While unbranded mattresses rarely come with a warranty, some last a long time. So, you can still get value for money. However, if you expect more from a mattress, especially if you want more options over the type of single mattress to buy, then a branded single mattress may be more appropriate. 


Are Mattress Brands The Same?


When shopping for single mattresses, you will notice they are a standard size, depending on their origin. Singapore single mattresses are 190cm x 91cm (75in x 366in). Since the brands produce similar mattresses, you need to consider more when choosing your preferred brand. 


The major difference between mattress brands is in their marketing strategy. Some brands market aggressively, while others are unknown because of poor marketing strategies. At the core of all mattresses, the brands use the same materials. However, they may differ in how they layer them. 


The layering of materials is what makes some mattresses stiffer than others. Some brands make very soft mattresses that wear out quickly. So, even though the brands are different, most share similar single mattress features, so if you fail to get the brand you want, the alternative may not be very different. 


If you believe in supporting a particular mattress brand, maybe because they have never disappointed you, there is nothing wrong with that. It is a free market where you can buy your mattress anywhere and any brand. However, it is best to ask if you are paying more for a known brand when you could get the same mattress cheaper from another brand.