Ideas For Smaller Bathrooms

white and clean bathroom design

Considerations For A Bathroom 

You do not always have a big space for the bathroom, and sometimes you have a smaller portion to have a bathroom. Even in that case, you would want to have a unique design with a stylish look. The article will help in picking some ideas for your smaller bathroom as well. So let’s see:

Setting Space For Vanity: 

You need to have a bit bigger space for vanity. It is clear that you need to put some things in the bathroom and for that matter, your requirement for bigger vanity is well justified. The placement of the vanity also depends upon the overall design of the bathroom. You can put it in between the toilet and the shower place; in this case, you have to have a separate cabin for the shower place, so the water splash doesn’t erode the look of the vanity.

Design Patterns For The Bathroom:

In this case, you have to have patterns that give the clean and bigger look of your bathroom despite its small size. Go for a light color combination or some subtle option, so the overall bathroom looks a bit big. I also prefer keeping the vertical cupboards in the bathroom, so it looks bigger and longer. The wooden texture is also the preferred choice for many households. 

Selecting The Shower Panels:

You can go for the fixed shower panels. Rather than having separate handheld or shower panels, it is always good to have a fixed type. It not only keeps the bathroom clean from seeing water everywhere, but it also makes you keep the shower place on one side. This setting is good for those bathrooms that have wooden cabinets and settings. Thus keeping the water shower to one side means your wooden work cabin will remain to save from getting rust etc. 

The Bathroom Should Be Clean:

Then this is the utmost essential point for me to consider. Yes, the bathroom has to be clean and dry. No matter the size of your bathroom and the texture of the tiles and the walls, the overall beauty and serenity are maintained by keeping it tidy. Sometimes you keep additional furniture in the bathroom, like a sofa or rack. It is possible only if you keep the area clean. Also, it is better not to overburden the open space and keep someplace for openness. 

The Light Arrangements:

Yes, this might be the second most essential concern for many households. The arrangement of the light and their symmetry has to be so fine that all the bathroom corners should be enlightened. The most focussed place for the light is the Mirror and around it. Then you have bathtubs and the corner of the vanity for perfect illumination.

The Placement Of The Mirror:

Then comes the placement of the Mirror. Try to have its arrangement so that it doesn’t block any side of the bathroom, and it is lightening by the lightening arrangement as well. The position of the Mirror and the arrangement of the lights complement each other. 


You have to choose the bathroom design in light of your bathroom size and the money in hand. Choose wisely and look for bathroom and toilet designs in Singapore for great ideas.